Websites the UK ladybird survey website. Follow them on twitter, @ukladybirds the Harlequin ladybird survey website. This ladybird is invasive to the UK and is posing a threat to our native species. Recording any that you find will give us a better idea of how fast this species is spreading in the UK. the Biological Records Centre (BRC) recording website where you can record sightings of all kinds of plants and animals, including insects! the National Biodiversity Network website which allows you to view maps of species distributions and also access this data for certain species. Everything Diptera (Flies). A great place if you need help with any fly identifications or have any questions related to flies, collecting, pinning etc. Buglife- the Invertebrate Conservation Trust The Stirling University conservation science blog.

Blogs Prof. Simon Leather blogs about a mix of interesting subjects ranging from entomology, aphids, urban ecology and conservation to geneology and other interesting observations. Dr. Erica McAlister, Collections Manager of Diptera, Siphonaptera, Arachnida & Myriapoda at the Natural History Museum in London. A great read on subjects mainly concerning flies and her various trips around the world.


Some of the people/organisations that I follow on Twitter who tweet interesting links, information and events.

@ukladybirds @iSpot_UK @GardenBioblitz
@BioblitzUK @RoyEntSoc @DipteristsForum
@Insectweek @BDSdragonflies @PTES
@Savebutterflies @NHM_London @WildlifeMag
@ScotWildlife @CEHScienceNews @helpthebees
@Buzz_dont_tweet @OPALnature  @stics_stirling

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